Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned PaintingsCommissioned PaintingsCommissioned Paintings

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A. Cummins’ paintings are the result of unique and introspective interpretations of the world around her. Through her unique, dramatic landscapes and thoughtful scenes of life, her art evokes a sense of depth, passion and of subtle beauty, serving both as a source of wonder and inspiration. Her works of art reflect a depth of understanding of the outdoor world rarely captured so intensely and covers the spectrum from seascapes to landscapes and flowers to farms. She demonstrates an interpretation of symmetrical and repeatable patterns found in nature and life, seasons, light and color. Her canvasses depict an admiration of simplicity and sometimes solitude of singular items; in a chaotic and fast-paced world. She attests, “Solitude is not a descriptor but a state of mind.” Cummins conveys a sense of spirituality in a constantly changing environment. Cummins continues to pursue the relationship between light and dark as it affects one’s presence in time and space. This effect captures a multi-dimensional aspect to her work and evokes the essence of just “being.” Her future works will continue to explore the interaction of contrasting perspectives. Trained in the artistry of the old school, in New York and Paris,  A. Cummins is available for commissioned works utilizing her twenty plus years of experience in the field. Her commissions cover a variety of clientele including major corporations, commercial clients and personal patrons. A. Cummins has won awards and has exhibited at galleries throughout the United States and has been reviewed in the Baltimore Sun, Better Homes and Gardens and Baltimore Magazine. Appealing to a wide range of art buyers in the traditional and contemporary venue, her paintings and limited edition prints will be sure to enhance one’s surroundings and provide a lasting presence.

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Queen Anne's County Arts Council, 2014, "Summer", 3rd Prize Winner, Centreville, MD

River Arts Gallery, "Musical Muse", 2014, Chestertown, MD 

Queen Anne's County Arts Council, 2014, "Members Best", Centreville, MD

QAC Visitor's Center, The Narrows, 2014 "Chesapeake Heritage, Chester, MD

Dorchester Arts Center, "ArtEast Roundtable", Honorable Mention, 2014, Cambridge, MD

River Gallery, "Juried Show", 2014, Galesville, MD

River Arts Gallery, "Celebrating Rural Art", 2014 Chestertown, MD

Kent Island Federation of Arts, "Human Form", 2015, Stevensville, MD

River Arts Gallery, "Members Best", 2015, Chestertown, MD

Kent Island Federation of Arts, "Artists Challenge", 2015, Stevensville, MD

Working Artists Forum Judged Exhibit, Chesapeake College, 2015, Wye Mills, MD

Kent Island Federation of Arts, "52nd Annual Judged Show", Winner BEST IN SHOW, 2015

Local Color, "Juried Show", Easton, MD 2015